Welcome to the Coalition! Introduce yourself :-)


Henry here. Agile Coach & Trainer who’s always interested in hearing thinking and experiences out there.


Great to have you on board! Poke around the categories/topics. Feel free to add more.


Hello Everyone. I am a tech guy (programmer/DBA) that got pulled into this project management stuff for the past 8 years. I am always interested in finding the better way. I am currently working as the Agile Program Manager for PMINYC. Looking forward to interesting incite, vigorous conversation and new avenues of knowledge.


Hello everyone - Agile pragmatist looking forward to learn from the experiences of others in the real world. Currently in the role of Elliott the Executive, however held many other roles, including SM and PO (not at the same time of course).


Glad to find this community. I’m a software developer and an IT manager for a financial firm in the city of London. I’m rather odd for a software guy as my background is as much in music and psychology as it is in IT. I find a tremendous amount of inspiration from agile and lean thinking and I’m as much into peopleware as I am software and hardware. I wish to help people to find joy, satisfaction and success at work. Pleased to meet you all.


Great to see you here, Todd! I guess this is one way to break out of phone tag!
Would love to see you post more about your adventures as a PST.


I’m an agile coach and Open Space Agility Community Supporter.

Culture eats strategy [ & well-meaning agile coaches] for breakfast.
-Always respect people.

I believe that applying agile principles to organizational culture change in an enterprise-wide agile transformation, is the most effective, reliable, lasting and human way to get authentic, positive results among those Willing to try it out. I’m hoping to gain insights from people who have enjoyed success in empowering people to try out agile in a wide variety of industries, or get acquainted with people who have some level of curiosity around this topic.

I live in Mission Viejo, California, USA, but travel globally and speak/read/write Japanese.


Hi, I’m Alison! I am a graphic designer, illustrator and content marketer for Knowledge Train. I’ve recently just started to work in an agile way going from 1 year and 6 month plans (and never finishing them!) to monthly sprints and sometimes daily iterations. It has changed my life! :smiley: I stumbled upon this forum on Twitter and thought I’d join to learn and to network. I’m always on the lookout for contributors for the Knowledge Train blog and thought I might meet some in here! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone. I am Jay. I’ve been on the outside of Agile Environments for a few years now, just soaking everything in. I’m now trying to start practicing Agile in a real way. I’ve been lurking for a little bit on here but just signed up!


Same to you @JonJorgensen! We should catch-up very soon!


A warm welcome to the new arrivals. We took at stab at “user personas” early on:

How close are we to depicting you?


Glad you made your way hear @JonJorgensen love hearing you and @vbonacci on the Agile Coffee pod cast. I was binge listening to it today!


I’m Barry the beginner :sunglasses:


Ah, the wonderful Beginner’s Mind of @alisonwood - filled with openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions!


I guess I’m closest to being a Charlotte


Hi, I’m Jen aka Peter the Product Manager…just (literally 5hrs ago) got my CSPO in an awesome class taught by Dave Prior, where I had the pleasure of learning about the Kano model from Troy AND found out about this great community - value packed day!

I’ve been in product management for 9 years, but only truly working as a PO in an agile environment for about a year. My organization is about 3 years into their journey and launched a ‘Back to Basics’ effort 9 months ago - my team was one of the pilot teams and the program has taken my newly formed (at the time) team from being completely unpredictable, fairly disfunctional, with dismal stakeholder satisfaction to being the top performing team out of 30 in the organization with the best predictability and highest stakeholder satisfaction score.

I’ve become an Agile champion in my company because simply put…this stuff works when you work it. I’m spending a lot of time working with my prod mgr peers who are struggling with the evolution of PM to PO - and we’re definitely struggling. Would love to get perspective from others on this topic.

We have (IMO) a pretty great Agile learning and adoption community at my company and I’m happy to chat about what’s worked for us if anyone is interested.

Glad to have found you all - looking forward to some great discussions!


Thanks for joining Jen! Glad to you have you here.


Hello everyone,

My name is Joris and I am from The Netherlands. I’ve worked as a developer in a small web startup company that used XP. Later I joined a larger company with about 15 scrum teams. I am now a scrum master for two of those teams. I started out with one team a year ago, and I gained a second team a few months ago.

I am a somewhat confused beginner (Barry the Beginner). Our teams are very independent and have very different views on very basic concepts in our process. Although we use the name scrum master, we deviate from the scrum books in some ways, making us more scrumban or in worst case scrumbut.

Our company is distributed over three European countries, making collaboration quite a challenge. We try to solve this technically by splitting our monolith of an enterprise product into (micro)services. I think there is a social/communication side we are avoiding or not facing, but gut feelings are hard to trust when you are relatively new.

Because I am so new I sometimes feel I sometimes fall into the persona of Fred the Frustrated Practitioner, because things don’t work as cleanly as they are represented in the books.

I am looking for information outside of our organization because I think it is easy to perceive your immediate surroundings as “The Way It Should Be Done”. I am highly ambivalent about certifications, because I believe having outside coaching is very valuable, but I am really repulsed by the fact that the training market is so fractured.

I am an podcast listener that loves to catch up on new thoughts during my commute. The Meta-Cast was the first Agile podcast I listened to and it had a large influence on how I look at agile. Now I recently started listening to the Agile Uprising podcast and that led me here. There seems to be a lot to read here, and it is very daunting to take it all in, so my first plan is to basically try to keep up with the new things and search into the history later.

Hope to hear many different views and get some direction from the community.


Another approach would be to start some new topics… related to where you are now… and what problems you want to work on… we probably all share those…


Thanks for the warm welcome. I look forward to a communitydiscussion around agile and technology. In fact, I think I’ll start one :slight_smile: