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Welcome @RJS… Enjoy poking around. look forward to any feedback you may have. Happy Posting…


Hi There! My name is Caroline, and I’ve been an Agile practitioner for about 6 years. I started as a Scrum Master and worked my way up into an Agile coaching role. I’ve been involved with Agile transformations for a few organizations and was recently certified as a SAFe Agilist (personally, the jury is still out on whether or not scaling Agile is the way to go). I hope to find camaraderie and fellowship with fellow Agile practitioners beyond the local Washington DC area through sharing our challenges and successes in order to help each other expand on our knowledge and adapt a more Agile mindset.


@caroline - great to have you join us!

We’ve got a channel on scaling: http://coalition.agileuprising.com/c/processes-and-tools/scaling

Perhaps you’d like to add your thoughts, experiences, trials and tribulations there…


Happy to join this group. In my everyday, I am not an agile practitioner. I work with technology that supports agile ways of working and learning. I am not here to promote the solution, but to learn as much as I can, so that I can better understand my clients’ needs and ways of working. I am also here to learn as much as I can because I am just plain fascinated. It makes so much sense to me. I was a technology integration specialist in education, loved my work and my heart is still lives in that space. I see the benefit of bringing agile principles to the education world for the positive impact it could have on learning. I hope to be a messenger.


Hi All

it is my pleasure to be part of this great network. I’m an Agile and Lean Coach who wants to improve his knowledge everyday and collaborate with others Agile folks around the world. I live in Chile but I’m originally from Argentina.

This is my blog www.agilelucero.com where you can find many articles.



So happy you joined Mario!


Hello Ellen and Welcome. I am also not currently practicing Agile but believe in the methodology. And this is a great space to learn and discuss and be enthusiastic :smile: I look forward to hearing your perspective in the discussions.


Hi @EllenAfromsky you should defiantly create a topic around Span and Nureva. Its a very cool product and would be great to get more exposure to this community. @dwaraka20… Welcome to the site!!!


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Hi everyone, I am a UK based Agile practitioner of 15 years, founder of Agileflow and creator of TeamSense. Tired of the Agile establishment and happy to support the mission of the Agile Uprising, which I think sounds pretty cool :fist: :sunglasses:


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