Welcome to the Coalition! Introduce yourself :-)


Howdy group! I was laughed at by a group of experienced developers earlier today when I mentioned I did some deep diving into Paired programming during #accus at STL. And then I countered… wait till you hear about Mob programming

Thats my intro for today. It might change for tomorrow. Glad to be here.


Hey Rajee! Glad you could join.

Why did they laugh at you?


Hi there!

I might be the “Charlotte the (life) coach” role…

I was an agile coach, now I’m a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, supporting coaches and culture shifters with phone coaching & resources at abiggergame.today and live community conversation at coachingcocktails.com .

Like “Charlotte” …

  • Want to share what I know, grow my network (but I’m not active in Agile now, so less interested in the practices)
  • Looking for next clients (for 1-on-1 phone coaching)


  • asking powerful questions to help the coach community reflect, grow and stay value- and values- driven.
  • offering informal support via email and phone for practitioners, because I know it can be challenging and sometimes lonely work, leading agile. (Ping me, no charge)
  • listening to my colleagues to increase my learning and
  • always watching for serendipitous new connections that bring new things into being: partnerships, ideas, events, exercises…

I’ve been making stuff with and for this community for a decade:

  • Fearless Journey game to get your team unstuck, downloadable in 6 languages
  • with Naresh Jain and others, instigated AgileCoachCamp in 2008. Still gardening it a bit, now and then, though we created it to be viral and that’s worked out quite well!
  • Play4Agile (an offshoot of AgileCoachCamp) with a group of German agilists
  • self-coaching resources for coaches: InspireMe! cards (with Lyssa Adkins) and A Bigger Game self-coaching journal
  • Powerful Questions exercise, with Carlton Nettleton
  • resources for Open Space unconferencing
  • etc.

I am Canadian, trilingual, live in Germany with my husband Ilja ( @ipreuss ). I am probably older than you, which just means I’ve been making mistakes longer and forgotten more, LOL.

I’m a hugger. Consider yourself hugged, if you like that.


I am probably older than you

Makes me curious. As, nowadays, it most often is I who is the oldest. At least amongst developers :wink: Me? Oh, a bit over 3 months shy of 5 times crazy, 11 is the number for “gekken” (fools and crazy people) in the Netherlands.


Hi all

I’m Marjan.

My twitter profile (@cabriodriver) says:

Software developer, aspiring (agile) coach, dog and cat lover (of my Sofie and Lizzie at any rate), Taiko drummer, prettig gestoord (~slightly excentric).

Hope to drop the software developer bit soon and concentrate on (agile) coaching of individuals and teams. In the Netherlands that probably means getting a job as a Scrum Master. For some reason many organisations here have dedicated Scrum Master roles (as opposed to rotating the role amongst team members). If that’s what is required to get to coach - I’m in.

All the personas feel like they have a home in me. What can I say, I am a generalist pur sang. Poised to leave Fred and David behind, though. Honing in on Charlotte and Susan. Becoming better friends with Ivan and Peter and especially Elliott, because I think that the ability to take about agility from the perspective of why it makes business sense, is essential if we are to increase the number of people that benefit from the agile mindset.


Hello fellow agilists!

I’ve only been lurking around here for a couple hours and wow, so much amazing insight and discussion!

Before I realized that I was Part Of The Problem, I was a QA Manager. A friend encouraged to attend a CSM course in 2011 and I haven’t looked back! I’ve since been a full-time Scrum Master and most lately, a full-time Agile Coach, here in Toronto, Canada.

I tweet at @mattdominici, often about agile, sometimes about hockey.


welcome! Glad you could make it. The CSM gets a lot of slack but more and more I hear stories about it begin the start of a new career for people. That’s awesome.


Welcome @dpreuss, @marjanvenema glad you joined. Love the eccentric conversation really looking forward to reading more… :slight_smile:


Hi all, I’m Lisa Sieverts from New Hampshire in the USA. I’ve been listening to the Agile Uprising podcasts and am impressed with the goals. The early episodes have some terrible sound quality issues but they are getting better and better. Thank you for the hard work that has gone into this project.

I’m do a lot of teaching, both in the corporate workshop setting and at the Masters Level at Harvard Extension. I teach both Traditional and Agile (I’m a PMP and a PMI-ACP) but my heart and soul is with Agile. I’m always experimenting with new ways of helping my students to learn and to feel empowered in their workplace. I’m looking forward to learning and sharing with you all.


Thanks @lisasieverts. Welcome to the coalition… Really appreciate the feedback. Please let us know what else we can improve on and any podcast topics you may want to hear about and or be a part of.


Hi, I’m Harold van Garderen. I’m a chemist (Utrecht, 1991) with a PhD in complexity science (Eindhoven, 1995) with a thesis on agent based modelling using super computers. I have 10 years of experience in user and marketing research for hard- and software projects in input/output, document and records management systems being part of various project teams.

I have 5 years of experience in business intelligence and services innovation management and since 5 years I’m
the founder and director of StoryConnect, a company that develops Narrative Business Solutions to provide user insights, change management and agile innovation services to customers using Participatory Narrative Inquiry.


Great to have you here!


Hello agile family! I would describe myself as curious because I delight in learning from your experiences. My hope is you can get something out of me sharing my own experiences on this journey. Moreover, together we improve the practice.


Welcome @_AprilJefferson


Hi! Jan here. I’ve been in technology product management in some form or other for over 18 years building products with a focus on user and usability. I tend to work best in new product development environments where an idea exists but needs to be nourished, cultivated, pruned and harvested before it can be called a product.

I heard Ryan speak at this month’s CTO School and heard someone who feels the same way that I do about agility. I get very frustrated when companies and leadership “adopt” Agile methodologies thinking that they just need to say it, train it and force their teams to do it and they will be agile. I generally feel that in addition to applying agility we also need to be practical so our processes need to work well for both the team and the business.

I’m really looking forward to finding ways to help management teams understand the power of agility. And, along the way I hope to keep myself learning new ideas and approaches that will help me be more agile.


So glad you are here Jan!


@_AprilJefferson and @jwieczerzak Awesome to have you with us! Explore away via categories and topics. Feel free to add more, we tend to be granular…


Happy to join the uprising! Great to see a free, open discussion place where we can share stories, ideas etc.

I’m currently working as an Agile Coach & Trainer in various Agile constellations. I am most proficient in Scrum, but starting to learn about SAFe and other frameworks as well. Aside from these toolkits, I am also very interested into happiness at work (wellbeing) and believe this is a very important thing to be aware of in all our efforts!

I love to find and learn about new stuff, so I have a fresh stock of good ideas and experiments to best assist the client in their continuously changing needs. My favorite part of coaching/training is seeing people ‘click’ on to new ideas. That ‘spark’, if you know what I mean.

Looking forward to exchange ideas with you guys on various topics!


Welcome @sjoerdly… Really looking forward to seeing what sort of discussions you start and or participate in. As a fellow coach I am always inspired by other great techniques. Welcome to the coalition.


Hi, My Name is Rich Schule. I have been a Scrum master for 5 years, most recently at Geico. I was referred by Jason after a very stimulating conversation and he indicated this might be a group that would interest me. SO i am here and just starting to poke around and see what this is all about.