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Hi everyone! I’m an agile coach and delivery manager type person, based in London but have also worked in Australia for a while. Looking at the personas I’m a bit of a Charlotte and a Terry with the occasional dose of Ivan just for good measure :slight_smile: I found out about this community thanks to a great talk from @ryan at London Agile Practitioners last night. Really looking forward to sharing ideas and discussions with the group, I’m currently exploring how to use the Agile Coaching competency model to create a meaningful and engaging career path for Coaches and Scrum Masters in my organisation.


All that mindless babble paid off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Happy you came @welshjames


Ha @ryan ! Great to have you onboard the crazy train @welshjames !


Hi everyone! I’m Marissa. I’m an Agile Coach and devoted mindset evangelist.

I started experimenting with changing the way my teams worked in the early 2000s before I knew what Agile was - I just couldn’t stand the hours and hours of status meetings every day, constantly pushing missed deadlines back, and being part of the frazzled teams that would spend months working ridiculous hours trying to get multiyear projects delivered. I officially wandered into Agile in 2010 when I heard about the manifesto and scrum etc. etc., and I’ve never looked back!

I have a range of Agile experience at projects and companies of all sizes across various industries. I love learning and discussing new ideas and I’m excited to be part of this community!


Welcome @marissa glad you are here. Looking forward to reading future posts… Always interesting to hear about other peoples agile journey… :slight_smile:


I began my Agile journey when I was the MBA Director at Westminster College in Salt Lake City; at that point, I was the only faculty member in the U.S. teaching an Agile Project Management course. Somehow, Alistair Cockburn and Jim Highsmith heard about my work and we began a conversation. In 2002, we hosted the first Agile Software Design conference at Westminster and the first international Agile conference in 2003. Since then I’ve researched the most expected role expectations of a Collaborative Leader and am now the Board Chairman for 4 Executive Peer Advisory Boards.


Thats a hell of a resume @dspann Where geographically are you located - if you dont mind me asking.


Hi Ryan - I’m in Boise, Idaho.


Hello Everyone, I’m Anthony. I’m very glad @ryan introduced me to the Coalition site. I’m a software engineer from Philadelphia, PA. My current role is a software engineer / hands-on development coach / team lead. I was lucky enough to be on a fantastic Extreme Programming (XP) team for a number of years. The team worked with James Shore and our practices were quite similar to a lot of what he described in his book The Art of Agile Development. I’ve since helped build new agile teams in other companies. I’m passionate about agile software development, helping cross-functional teams improve how they work, helping developers improve the quality of their code, and writing about my experiences on my blog. I’m looking forward to learning from the group and sharing experiences!


Glad you are here @asciamanna - we need more XP talk. Seems like you have a hell of a pedigree in that space!


Hi Everyone -

Excited to throw my hat in the ring here. I was referred over here by @andybacon, who I’ve known for a long time and now working along side. I’ve got a background in software & product development, working in software teams in various roles for a long time, some waterfall, some agile, some somewhere in between, then transitioning to product management, and where I am now at the service of software teams helping them improve their process & practice as a consultant. Have not been steeped in Agile practice as long as most of you here I’m sure, but in retrospect I’ve always had quite a bit of the Agile mindset, and its been a natural fit for me. Outside of the office, I spend quite a bit of time cycling and a few other hobbies.



Hello everyone! I think it is wonderful to have stumbled up on this wonderful looking resource and community. I’ve been in software development for about as long as I can remember (Ok I do remember it’s like 23 years) and have run the gambit from co-op developer, to developer, to senior developer, project manager, team lead, manager, and finally into my current role as a ScrumMaster. I’ve been learning and practing Agile since 2007. I’m hear to learn from everyone and grow as a ScrumMaster and work on figuring out what’s next for me in the world of Agile/Lean. Also looking to give back all the fun stuff I’ve learned along the way.

In my spare time it’s running the kids around, soccer and board/card/video games. :slight_smile:


Welcome @rjenkins and @tgalloway awesome to have you a part of the coalition!!!


I began my career as a USAF Officer. After seven years, soon after leaving the Air Force, my career in the tech sector started. Like many people who have been working in industry for a while, I suffered through a lot of years of waterfall. About a dozen years ago, I started looking for opportunities to introduce iterative techniques in places where I was working that were at that time not eager to jump on the Agile bandwagon. And eventually, I got to start being an Agile practitioner full-time. For most of that time, I’ve been in a Scrum Master role, and I’ve learned that no matter how much I think I know or how many teams I’ve worked with, there are discoveries that challenge me to rethink my approach.


Welcome @gphiliprogers… Looking forward to your contributions…


Hi! I’m a software development coach – somewhere in the neighborhood of Charlotte, Terry, and David. I like alternating between being up to my nose in experiential learning and coming up for air to share. One of the most effective ways I’ve found so far is Agile in 3 Minutes. I also enjoy writing, speaking, and showing up as a guest on more traditional podcasts. Thanks for inviting me here, @mccallam2! Curious to see what we’re building together.


@schmonz welcome aboard. Big fan of your contributions to the agile mindset. Really enjoyed you recently on Agile For Humans. Glad you are here sir.


Glad to have you here @schmonz…Looking forward to your contributions


Welcome @gphiliprogers. Interesting background. Looking forward to learning from you.