Welcome to the Coalition! Introduce yourself :-)


Welcome @Bmyerspa! You’ve definitely come to the right place, feel free to jump right in!


I have taken the ACP, if you have any questions let me know.


Hi All! Thanks for having me. I’m a (newbie) developer and very much fit into both the “Barry the Beginner” and “David the Developer” camps.

I know next to nothing about Agile right now and hope to learn from the community here as well as dive deeper into concepts I learn about elsewhere.

@andycleff mentioned beer; I’m down for that!


@CollenK you will learn about agile if you stick around, that’s a promise :blush: Welcome aboard!!


Hi, I’m Paul currently the Agile Coach for Axon Vibe and based in the UK.

I have been using various forms of Agile for around 5 years, and before I knew all about Agile, I just used to call it common sense software development :slight_smile:

I hope to gain from this hints, tips and exchange ideas with other Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters. I have found over several companies that every organisation and the people within are different, so new and innovative ideas are always needed.

Also as my current role involves working with distributed teams, I really enjoy discussing and improving the tools used by Agile teams and the entire company. If you want to talk about Atlassian products, I could probably bore you for hours :slight_smile:


Welcome @paul.cutting… Can’t wait to pick your Jira brain… You should defiantly create some topics on Jira and Confluence. I know I would benefit from it.


I am selfishly hoping we get into Bamboo and BitBucket too. I have not ever been exposed to them, but understand CI really hits a stride when you have them all integrated.


We are currently using both and it’s pretty nice to have ! We also use Jenkins as well on some projects. We have moved away from github exclusively and are also using bitbucket with our projects

BitBucket vs Git

BB just is a layer on top of git :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, poorly written. I meant we are using BB with every project and NOT just github lol


Side note if anyone is interested in differences between github and bitbucket this is a nice post to check out.


I’ve been experimenting with swift kanban recently but not sure i’m ready to use it on a project yet. They have jenkins integration. It’s hard to move to a new tool when you are so used to one already.


+1 for Jira topics!


Hi All! While reading at the different “personas”, I guess I am a bit of Barry, Ivan and Elliot. It feels nice to be here in this community. I like Discourse as a platform and I think it’s the perfect choice for this.
A bit about me, I am a rusted software engineer, based in the north of Italy, now trying the road towards a CIO role, but always on the look for new ideas, cool tools and approaches. I was recently at a 2-day course where I met a cool Scrum Master and I love the Agile method. Would like to apply it also to the management of my IT team and to any other projects, not just software related.
Glad to be here.


Welcome ! Glad to have your here


I’m going to open a new category for Atlassian chat. I’m about to dive back into the set, after being away for over a year. Gonna have some catching up to do…


Hi - currently working in the education sector. Studying agile and lean in my spare time.
On Twitter as @techcanty and adding agile peeps to this list: https://twitter.com/techcanty/lists/agile-lean.
Also tagging posts to this research site I created for some self study: http://agileleanresearch.tumblr.com/

Pleased to meet you!


Welcome to the site @techcanty. Glad to have you.


Hi. I’m a test manager. I want to learn how test managers in organisations which are transforming from waterfall to agile can facilitate the transition and themselves remain useful in the new world.


Welcome @fponknevets… You should create a new thread about that. Should spark some good replies…