Welcome to the Coalition! Introduce yourself :-)


Dear Coalition,

My name is Bogdan and I work in Amsterdam at the HEINEKEN Headquarters. My job is to transform teams (split currently plan-build-run) into Agile product teams that would get to manage the entire lifecycle of the product.

I’ve been exposed to Scrum since 2013 and started in the last couple of years with some Kanban experiments. Next to that, I have been doing Lean 6 Sigma projects for quite a while.

If I look at the personas you guys have created and my own organization, I recognize myself as “Fred, the Frustrated Practitioner”.

Good to be here! Thanks for creating this Agile bubble for the likes of us.


Hi @Bogdan_Onaca,

Welcome to the coalition. This place is great and can be an awesome place to find help. What has you frustrated right now?


Hey there. Name’s Kiryl. I’m an Agile Coach, currently residing near Amsterdam. I moved here a few month ago from Belarus (for those who don’t know, it’s between Poland and Russia and it’s not a part of Russia :slight_smile: ). I’ve been in the role of a Scrum Master/Agile Coach for about 5 years, and 5 years as a software developer before that. Looking forward to some good exchange of knowledge.




Hi @bradstokes and all,

What gets me frustrated is: people’s resistance to change, the easiness with which we talk about mindset change and the lack of action behind this and (empty) buzzwords, in general, get me frustrated.


Leadership from the bottom

I can imagine,

Worthwhile rarely equals easy. Any change (be it mindset or methods) requires discipline, passion and perseverance to stick. My experience is that buzzwords are only helpful if the open up the conversation and not at all if things stops there.

Resistance to change is pretty normal. Stepping beyond the status quo is always difficult for people. Even for those of us that try to embrace it. I fail at it all the time.

We make our gains in silence most of the time. The wins are small. Look through the posts for stories of frustration from brothers and sisters in arms. You will definitely feel it in a few of mine.

We run a long race. The good thing is that we don’t run it alone. You will find people asking questions of when others feel it is the right time to move on. There aren’t often easy answers.

Welcome from people that bear the scars, but hold hope fresh. You are amongst friends.

@JayHorsecow @andycleff @troy There might be a podcast here. “The buzz is a dull hum, what now?!” :smiley:


Def a podcast in there.
Might be related to David Rock and the SCARF model.
That damn amygdala…



If there is only one thing leaders learn about change, it should be the SCARF model. Hands down. The Best.


Sounds like I’ve found my next lot of reading to do.


Podcast anyone?

@Tanner and I dove into the SCARF topic awhile back…


I’ve branched the SCARF topic: David Rock’s SCARF Model for Change


Hello everyone, I am COO and Co-Founder of Startup GitScrum (Headquarter in Portugal - Sintra).
I hope through the group to expand the knowledge of the agile methodologies and to follow the perception of the market in relation to the other softwares.
GitScrum is currently available in OpenSource version and in the coming days will be released the SaaS version. Want to know a little more, this is our website: www.gitscrum.com
Rodrigo Sequeiros


Welcome @Rodrigo_Sequeiros !

Great to have you aboard.


Welcome to the coalition.


That was a good time, @andycleff. I still get questions from time to time about that post we put together.


Hi! My name is Mari Graulau. I am a Scrum Master working in the IT department at GEICO Auto Insurance. I have been a scrum master for less than a year. I have learned quite a lot about Agile in my short time as scrum master but I am always looking to supplement my knowledge. A co-worker suggested your site as having good content and a supportive community. I look forward to exploring the content and collaborating with the Coalition.


Nice to meet you @mgraulau924 !


Welcome Mari,

This is a great place to try out ideas in a supportive environment. The members are generous with their time and knowledge. I look forward to seeing what you bring out.



Well… we’re batting at least 0.500 on that account :stuck_out_tongue:

Use all content of mine at your own risk!

Great to have you here!


Hi all!

My name is Tara and I’m based out of Minneapolis, currently working for a logistics company with about 5 development teams both teaching and coaching. I’m an agile coach who definitely came from the school of “hippie agile,” and spent all of my earlier days in the agile space mentoring with someone affectionately known as The Dude (David Hussman). I learned really early on about why being pragmatic is so important. I also learned right away that you don’t know what you don’t know.

I’ve been coaching for a few years now but have buckets to learn. I’m a big fan of experience over certifications, tough (but good) conversations over hierarchy and purpose over process. User research is also a huge passion of mine.

I also really love pugs, cycling and rock and roll. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Looking forward to growing and sharing here.