David Rock's SCARF Model for Change


That damn amygdala…


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Leadership from the bottom

Leadership comes at all levels. The scrum master might not exhibit “power” over their peers, but does have influence in how their team perceives change.

After all as John Maxwell once said, “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.”

The certainly have an impact on all the facets mentioned in SCARF and can help stabilise or destabilise a situation. There is definitely something to discuss here.


And on podcast, I’d love to see this go down. Moving the needle from whispers to roar would be pretty fun.

EDIT: I’ll note that my perspective is normally from the bottom. It happens to be the place I exercise any leadership from. I’m definitely a developer first. I marvel at people that move organisations. I’m happy working with my team to move the needle on the ground.


Does anyone have a (six degrees of separation) connection to Dr. David Rock?

If not, I’ll cold call… see if we can wrangle him as a guest for podcast…


I think you will find he has now distanced from SCARF… there was some odd story about how he is fine with it being used as long as people call it something else. He has taken the pdf down of the original paper and gets his lawyers to issue take down orders if you have the original paper up. EPA looking at you https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2015-09/documents/thurs_georgia_9_10_915_covello.pdf

If you can’t get him direct - I do have first degree with Sue Langley http://suelangley.com/ - who I learnt about SCARF from in a workshop many years ago. I started her Diploma of Positive Psychology last year.


Surely there is a story in that. What did he learn that caused the shift in position?


Yes, it was very strange. I don’t think he has shifted away from the constructs - more that he was sick of other businesses using it and suggesting they understood it?! Not sure…


The I-O of Change, “If You Can’t Get Out Of It Get Into It!” :boom:

The change message to the masses especially current and future leaders.