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So happy to have you @dmahlitz


Welcome @dmahlitz. How did you hear about the Coalition site?


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Hi there! My name is Alycia Gotthold. I am a dedicated Agile recruiter for Yoh. If you haven’t made the connection just yet, I work with yohscott ^ (see above) the Leader of Yoh’s Agile Practice  I have been recruiting aka “professionally stalking” Agilists nationwide for almost 3 years. I like to believe that have built a solid agile network and thoroughly enjoy speaking with agile professionals, learning all the different frameworks/methodologies. If you or someone you know is looking for a new gig… I am HERE! I would welcome a conversation with anyone who would like to introduce themselves and join my network! Email me anytime Alycia.Gotthold@YOH.com. I certainly am excited to be a part of Agile Uprising and meeting new people! Cheers!


Thank you for creating this new organization. I’m a PM coming from Waterfall and Agile projects, for small companies as well as fortune 100 companies. I’ve operated as an Accenture consultant, transforming organization SDLC processes, to being a business analyst in the financial industry, to now settling in the healthcare industry as a PM. During this time, I’ve contributed to improving the process, driving the team to follow the plan, and ignoring processes that hinder the workflow. I’m willing to accept chocolate and drink a beer


Welcome to the Coalition @AlyciaGotthold and @avilazar .


Hey All! I am Rob, Enterprise Agilist and Team Whisperer over at Frontline Education. We’re 6 years into out agile journey and about one year into scaling our agility. Glad to have a group like this to share with and learn from.


Welcome @Shaw557 looking forward to hearing about how you plan on scaling. Maybe even start a thread about it and update with progress… :slight_smile:


Hello, my name is Mark Watson. I live and work in the center of the city of Philadelphia. I am an Agile Evangelist and try to be active in the local community. Work to help my organizations embrace agility. I have been in technology jobs for over 25 years and over 15 years in varying product, project, and Agile development and delivery of software. Looking forward to meeting more like minded professionals.


My Agile experience started before I knew what Agile was back in the 1990’s. We were misplacing million dollar engines on Naval bases an I was tasked to find a solution. I started with 5 pages of business requirements and gave it to the PhDs at GA Tech. They came back and said where is the detailed spec. I said if you want me to tell you PhDs how to figure this stuff out then why did I hire you? Anyway 6 months later we were testing in the field. My favorite quote from my competition “You did what you said. You are the first person to go from a piece of paper to a physical product and test it in the field in 6 months. No one else here, has ever done that.” Anyway now, I’m a CSP, CSM, CSPO, PMI-ACP, Safe SA, PMP, etc… tormenting Agile Coaches :slight_smile: I want to expand Agile outside of IT and I’m hoping to pick your brains to learn from and share with you all.


welcome @Gemphilly, @MarkWatson @Shaw557, @avilazar. Look forward to your contributions


Hello everyone! I am glad to be here. I am new to Agile and software development. I hold no certifications as of this writing. Prior careers have been in theater (lighting design), film-commercials and short features, commercial display, commercial AV and video conferencing. Over the years i have worked either as a designer, manager, PM or sales engineer.

The last 6 years I have been working with the Defense Health Agency. My current position is with the US Army. I am one of two Requirements Analysts as part of an 11 person software development team. We are not using pure Scrum but we are using an agile approach based on a Kanban with defined sprints, a backlog, daily meetings, the team self organizes in task selection. My role on the team includes; gathering and documenting user requirements, software testing, software documentation and Agile leader.

I am here to contribute where I can, improve my understanding of Agile methods, and network.


Thanks for joining @Winnie (ps nice meeting you at agile DE too :wink:)


Hi everyone. This looks like a great initiative and am here to help as well as learn. I been building products for 30 years, had awesome successes and also some embarrassing failures. I have been using agile practices for over 10 years and continually learning new tricks; after-all that is continuous learning. By heart I am a programmer but now mainly focus on Scrum. I am a Professional Scrum Trainer with scrum.org where I consult, coach, transform and train teams in using Scrum and supporting agile practices.

Looking forward to some good discussions.


@BrettM - so good to have you. We also have @Todd here, another PST who’s 2-day PSM I am attending next week! My first venture with scrum.org, and I am super excited to broaden my Scrum knowledge!


I couldn’t be more excited to see so many new faces in such a short amount of time. My name is Jason Cusack, and I fell into agile by accident. I was voluntold back in 2007 that I would be a PO, and one of the driving influences that kept me engaged was my first coach. I’ve worked on the business side, as well on the technology side - back and forth - for the last 17 years. I’ve seen agile from just about every perspective you could see it from. From internal FTE with zero experience, to FTE leading the Agile Evolution at a Fortune 20 organization. I’ve also been a consultant, built an Agile Practice team - and most recently, started my own consultancy. One of the things that has been my North Star wherever I’ve been, is the incredible community of folks I have met along the way. I cannot wait to forge new relationships, and truly look forward to learning from everyone.


Welcome to the nut house, I mean the idea farm…

I’m with you @Gemphilly on getting agile beyond IT…

Wanna start a new topic? Agility Mindset? Agile Beyond IT?


I’m Dwaraka, and I have had prior experience with Agile teams, but not currently. I’ve also been on wannabe Agile teams. So I’d call me a Barry the Beginner in terms of practice :slight_smile: I’ve been technology instructor, QA, Technical PM. And current role is an amalgam: Production support for our hosted platform of journals, and QA manager, liaison to partner teams internal and external, for 3rd-party hosted websites, and internally developed mobile apps. Looking forward to some serious exposure to Agile thinking and practices from novices and veterans alike.


Hey @dwaraka20 :slight_smile:


welcome to all the new members!!! Spread the word and let us know how you heard about the site…