What do you give up to be a leader?


I initially viewed this article with a slight cynicism. The title seemed to say to me these are some of the things leaders leave behind that might be positive. The truth couldn’t be further. The behaviours, patterns and process that leaders leave are the negatives.

We’ve all known “leaders” that castigate those who leave, lead by fear and see some success. I have found though that John C Maxwell’s definition of leadership is such a better way to live, “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less…”

The things the author suggests real “leaders” leave behind are behaviours that hold others around them back and get the most out of their sphere of influence. I found the list challenging and was forced to consider my actions and interactions over recent months. Whilst I am not found completely wanting, I do feel I have areas that can definitely use some improvement.

Have a read an let me know how you fared.

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