What do you want out of the Coalition?


The board is convening next week to have an in-person working session to discuss the path forward for AU as a whole, and I wanted to throw this out to gather some information…what are you looking for in this group? Are you getting it? What are we missing? What do you want more of? Please be honest as that’s the only type of feedback that helps, as a group we’re curious to see everyone’s thoughts…any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


AU Certifications? (just kidding)

As an AU group member
I want popular forums topics to be converted into wiki knowledge pages
So that AU has common reference material and content

I enjoy the AU content and community of people. My suggestion would be to have “wiki like” content that can be accessed easily that forums topics collaborate on. For example, retrospectives, books, frameworks (with opinions from core AU group on them), tool lists, etc.


Great feedback! That is a feature of our software that we have never used before. Let me tinker with it and see how it works. Assuming it does what we need, would you be interested in pairing with me on getting the initial wiki base build started?


when we have our inaugural conference there will be certs, but they won’t be what you’re expecting :slight_smile: stay tuned!


I’m so grateful for having a space like the Agile Uprising. I have recommended the board (and podcast) to a number of people I meet working in the space. I found something like the Scrum Alliance forums didn’t really meet me where I was (and am) at.

I’m a beginner on this journey. I am a dev, an agile newbie of less than 2 years and don’t pretend to be anything more. This board has given me a safe space to ask questions and try out ideas on people who spend time thinking about similar things. I appreciate when people I respect challenge me. I double appreciate that it has been done with honesty, humbleness and empathy. The ideas that I’ve seen come out of some simple conversations are helping me in my day to day work.

Whatever you change, do not lose this!

The thing I would like to see more of is numbers on the board, but I’m not sure how to help with this other than get the word of mouth happening on it. I remember finding the board after a mention on the podcast, so maybe a couple more plugs for new listeners if numbers are going up.

Podcast-wise I enjoy cross-pollination of ideas with shares from other podcasts. Ryan Ripley, for instance, I find adds value wherever he goes. Even if I don’t agree, he always creates discussion. The Metallica podcast wasn’t for me, but that’s cool. I appreciated that you tried something different and I can guarantee there were others that loved it.

Missing. I don’t think AU is missing this, but If someone can explain SAFe in away that doesn’t make my head explode, I would probably not say no. I get the big picture and I know how structure can help people achieve, but I admit SAFe is a little beyond me at this point in my journey. Well… I’m not in a super huge org, so it isn’t my problem yet. Just curious :smiley:

Overall, thank you for providing this space.


Awesome! Tinker away and let me know if you need any input/help.


thanks Brad for the feedback, it’s much appreciated.

We’re working on the whole numbers/growth/geolocation tracking and display, you should see something like that from us in the near future. We get a ton of the information already, we’re experimenting to figure out which way to display it. Stay tuned.

As for SAFe, myself and a few others are not only certified but have done a few transformations using the framework. Maybe we do a “SAFe Demystified” podcast with you as a guest? Prepare an agenda of questions and confusing aspects and we have a roundtable discussion about the framework…does this sound like something you’d be interested in?


Jay, that sounds terrifying and super-exciting. I’d definitely be game. I’ll have to start thinking about questions. Are you sure you can take an Aussie accent on the show? :smiley:


Id like to point out I have never participated in a SAFe show. Perhaps its time I start giving the contrarian voice…


I’ve got admit that would be fun


If we can deal with @chrismurman and his Texas accent, we can survive anything!

Let’s throw a date out there that gives us some time to prepare…how does Sept 12th sound?


Sound so good. We’ll need to make the Timezone shift work but that’s cool. Your evening is my morning the following day


I think that it would be interesting to have some Digital channel conference first (eg. brightalk) possibly leading to a real conference and predominantly talking about anti-patterns and complexity of resolving those.
No fake success stories, no painting the grass green, just plain reality and explaining what people are doing / what is working and not working.
Just sessions could be much more interactive as other people might have tried some solutions. You could even consider running Problem/Brainstorm forums.


What would be a smaller slice? Something like an online workshop or series of workshops to see it there was interest?


@JayHorsecow I love how you are unafraid to take a swipe at me no matter the topic or my involvement. Makes me feel loved.


Yeap - something like that.
Maybe a few Webminars first to break the ice with a chunk of time left for questions and then we could move to selecting a problem statement (that people could supply) and organise online brainstorms to suggest solutions.
I am not sure how we would run those but worth experimenting.


This is a great idea, thanks! I don’t think we’ve ever considered the webinar aspect, but I will definitely bring it up as I think those are a great way for us to share our experiences and learning fairly easily.

To be honest the board has bandied the idea of a conference around, and the biggest thing we’ve discussed is “how can we make a conference that no only represents our ideals but is not derivative?” There are one or two ideas floating around that we think may blow people’s minds, we just need to line up the planets to make it happen. Look for more on this topic in this space later this year.


I would be quite happy to put a webminar together if you wanted to get the ball rolling. Especially as I have faced such issues and have experimented with many fixes. To my knowledge have explored more than most the concept of waste in IT.
Conference might be overkill at this early stage. But if you want to push for this, I know just the guys. Please get in touch, I put together with them DevOps days in London last year and they can put conference together cookie cutter now.


We’ve opened up a Scatterspoke retro board, and invite your input: Coalition Community Feedback / Retrospective