Where is "agile" headed?


Great article by Johanna Rothman…makes you take a step back and think for a second about where we contribute to this, and how to fix it. Maybe we should hold an agile practitioner open retro using TRIZ to see how we can help?


@JayH, please tell me more about what an open retro using TRIZ would help. I’m not opposed. I don’t understand. I need more words, please. Maybe with an example. Thanks.


@johannarothman see the link below. Imagine a room full of practitioners discussing the question “What can we as agile practitioners do in order to make sure we ensure that “agile” becomes a commodity instead of the transformative enlightenment it should be?” I think we’d end up with some insights into what the industry is doing wrong, and maybe some ideas on how to right the ship.

Or maybe i’m too optimistic :smiley:



I suspect TRIZ would work better inside an organization rather than outside, but yes. I often ask, “What can make this worse?” when I’m assessing a problem. (https://createadaptablelife.com/2018/08/whats-the-worst-thing-you-could-do.html)

We might be able to work for the good of the industry, but the forces against enlightenment are fierce. And, an enlightened transformation requires work. What a lot of people sell is not-work.