Advanced CSM from Scrum Alliance: Thoughts?


This morning I woke up to the email I’ve copied below. I’m wondering if anyone has more info. I derived enormous value from the 2 days of training I received as part of the CSM certification process. It was a great help to me. I’m wondering if this has a similar flavour.

Does anyone know anything? Likely cost, amount of training required and even their thoughts on the value of the course. I agree with many that the CSM is a fantastic primer to Scrum, but the real world is much more complex than the 2 day course can cover. Will this help fill the gap or are there better training programs that others would recommend?

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Within the next few weeks, we’ll be launching an advanced level Certified ScrumMaster® (A-CSM™) certification program. This program, designed with current certificant input, is the next progression in your career. The A-CSM™ will be available globally, and we’re actively approving educators in preparation for the launch.

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Why the A-CSM™ Matters.
It’s not uncommon for people to earn the CSM® certification, only to take their new knowledge back to the workplace and find that Scrum is harder to implement than originally anticipated. The A-CSM™ builds on your foundational knowledge with the specific goal of improving your effective implementation of Scrum in your workplace. As an A-CSM™, you’ll learn:

Communication facilitation techniques to use with product owners, team members, customers, and executives, both in and out of Scrum ceremonies.
How to confidently respond to resistance to organizational change, lack of engagement, low motivation, and unavailability of key people.
How to overcome challenges that prevent long-term, deep adoption of Scrum and Agile practices throughout your business.
How to explain the value of Scrum and Agile processes to skeptics, from customers to executives.
How to increase developer engagement and achieve greater accountability, commitment, and buy-in across the team.
How to extend the impact of Scrum throughout the organization with training, coaching, and mentoring.
How to amplify the contributions of team members beyond the confines of a single team.
The A-CSM™ will be available in-person, on-demand, live virtual, or as a blended combination of these formats to create a personalized experience that best fits your learning style. All offerings will only be available through Certified Scrum Trainers and Certified Enterprise Coaches who have already taught Scrum to more than 600,000 people around the globe.


Great thoughts and I’m very thankful you shared. To answer your questions, it’s hard to say if this will solve any of the connundrums for “filling gaps”.

Most if not all can agree that quality training is always helpful to our careers and the industry. Question is will it be useful for you specifically? Only you can answer.

If you are in a Scrum heavy world right now, there is some great value possbily in this course especially if it’s been awhile since you took the CSM course. I know it’s been several years for me so it might be worth considering. I am also curious of the course in how it differs from the basic material. Will we take the course and then say “I already knew that?” Maybe.

What do you think?


I need it because it says advanced.


Nice! I’ve been fortunate to continue talking to my trainer for the CSM after the course. He has been really great. I realised after I finished the course, that whilst the team covered much more than was required to “pass the test”, I’d been given enough rope to hang myself convincingly. This is no slight, mind you. Prior to the course I would have jumped off the bridge without the bungee cord.

I’m hoping it delves much more deeply into the implementation phase and looking at those roadblocks you hit. I continue to learn, read and grow. If this helps it, I’m all for it. The certification isn’t so important to me as the learning opportunity it provides.


Learning always helps!

If the dedicated time “away” is what you need, a course might be one solution.

If another “certification” is of no concern, there is a metric ton of valuable self-paced course work as well as workshops.

Some of my favorites include: