Framework pivots?


Has anyone ever been involved in/have an example of an enterprise pivoting from one scaling framework to a different one? SAFe to DAD, LeSS to Enterprise Scrum, etc.? Or do you have a good story of an org pivoting away from a framework, thy why’s and how’s? I would think agile frameworks have been around long enough that someone would have experienced this, but there’s a dearth of experiential discussion around it…?


I’m not sure about framework to framework but I’m genuinely curious if we should be de scaling instead of scaling as an industry. Instead of managing dependencies, focusing on removing them and building less stuff(high value). Also something that seems to be missing is a lack of focus on technical practices.

I’m thinking once the team is doing TDD at a minimum, using SOLID principles, and pairing and mobbing together, and can deploy their own stuff, then we can talk about “scaling.”

But maybe I’m out of my mind! Who knows lol


My head is in pretty much the same place. The more experience I have with attempts to scale “agile”, the more I think we should be descaling the enterprise instead. Market-oriented orgs instead of function-oriented. This is a radical idea, but I think it would have a better success %, which is why I’m looking for insight.

Anyone have an example of an org going from a framework to a custom built SDLC?


Sounds to me like there was never a shared intent since frameworks should provide the scaffolding to facilitate the intent.