HR and Agility


I would love to here about your Journeys with HR and Agile. No so much HR using Agile practice. I am interested in Role definition, banding, job descriptions, ect. Meta-Cast gets into some discussion on it on there episode 98. Never having had to do anything like this in the past and being potentially faced with undergoing in the near near future. I felt it would be good Idea to generate some insights early.


  • Product Owner Hierarchy in you by into that sort of practice. Team Product Owner, Lead Product Owner, Chief Product Owner.
  • Do you go to Scrum Master 1,2,3, then Agile Coach
  • Could be the path to being a PO be BA1, BA2, PO


Aligning HR roles & job descriptions is one of the many layers of the onion uncovered along the path for an organization to embrace Agile, or Lean or any new way of working. Having clearly defined job roles, functions and career development paths for the people performing those roles will become more and more important the deeper into that transformation they get. There will also have to be some education with HR and the managers evaluating the employee’s performance on what these roles are and how to set goals & expectations. Where I’m working now, they’ve settled on Scrum Master 1, 2 and 3 roles, with 1 being junior, 2 being more experience, and 3 being a leader/manager/coach for other Scrum Masters. This is good here because it aligns with the way other job functions are classified and falls into the existing patterns, which I think is more important than if you were to design a new structure. My $.02.


Working out details still, but planning a follow up podcast relatively soon with Arlen Bankston

Some background materials:

Welcome to the Coalition! Introduce yourself :-)

We have just finished our first iteration on our new HR operational model with HR Value Streams at the core of the model. We have not settled on all job descriptions / titles as we are evaluating the Agile methodologies to see what pieces fit the best for our model.

We will be running scrum teams to delivery any “product”, now the product may be a technology product like a corporate learning portal or it could be something like a new performance management tool, compensation model, etc… product. The direction of the products will be directed by the product owner and the strategy of that product (and other’s in their space) will be directed by the Value Stream Owner.

Past that we are trying to figure out how to work on a “devops” model to deliver these products to a delivery team. It will be really interesting.