Jira vs the World


Hello everyone,

GitScrum is born against the giant :slight_smile:

This is Renato Marinho from GitScrum. We officially launched last week.

Explore the Gamification in Agile Project Management. GitScrum transforms your project into a game and allows to measure in a transparent way team achievements and individual. You can reward those who have the best results.

I want to invite everyone to know our proposal.Site: https://gitscrum.com

Take the opportunity to bring an exclusive offer for Early Adopters

Option 1 - Enterprise LTD - $68 - All unlimited!!!
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Option 2 - Business LTD - $49
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Features your Team will love:

  • Team Performance
  • Scrum Metrics
  • Sprints
  • User Stories
  • Kanban boards
  • Flexible workflows

GitScrum has more than 40 resources for your team


For those who don’t know anything about GitScrum, a conversation had started previously here: