Mashup of "Scaling" frameworks


I found this gem in one of Stephen Wolpers’ weekly Food For Thought emails. Bob Galen gives a very clear-minded view of the useful patterns from many commonly talked about “scaling” frameworks.

Reading this reminds me of a comment @JayH made in a recent podcast about meta-scaling.

Hmmmmm, I wonder, hope, and pray the Agile community will more widely embrace this notion of using the appropriate practice in the correct context when tackling the “scaling” problem.

PS Gotta love Bob Galen’s take on certifications :stuck_out_tongue: and his final words of wisdom

"But never, never lose sight of:

  1. The importance of your teams;
  2. A focus towards the simplest possible thing that can work;
  3. The realization that your context is unique, so everything needs to be thoughtfully applied;
  4. Respect for existing roles and the Kanban notion of starting where you are;
  5. And finally, that you can’t buy your way to effective agile scaling. You’ll need to create / emerge solutions that work for you.

Stay agile my friends,


Agile and OKR's?

I remember coming across this, I like it. He does lay out some good points. We are going to be doing some stuff in the scaling/frameworks space in early 2019 so we’ll dig in more to the differences and pros/cons. I personally think meta-frameworks are the key and when I see practitioners marry themselves to a particular scaling framework or methodology a little part of me dies inside.

Somewhere in New England @johannarothman is reading this message and saying “expeletive deleted the frameworks!”…(this is a hint towards next week’s podcast episode :wink: ).


Actually, I’m in Paris right now. I’ll have to return to read Bob’s post. He’s a smart cookie. I think I actually liked it the first time through. His final words are gold.


I really liked this article he referenced at the end.