Podcast: The State of Agile 2018


May 20, 2018
For our 100th episode, Jay Hrcsko hosts [James Gifford](http://James Gifford), Chris Murman, Andrew Leff and Brad Stokes in a spirited discussion about VersionOne’s 12th Annual State of Agile™ Report.

Topics include:

  • Distributed agile teams
  • % of teams using agile
  • Reasons for adopting agile
  • Agile methods
  • Agile in outsourced projects
  • Challenges to adoption
  • Success measures
  • Does DAD/LeSS/NEXUS/etc. have a chance
  • And, of course, since Giff is on the show, poop

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As a general reply @Paul_Elia pointed out the Version 1 does have red string capability.


Folks, a couple of points jumped out in the first ten minutes of this show that would be great to drill into on a future podcast:

  • outsourcing agile delivery / development (e.g. contracts stipulating customer collaboration)
  • agile with enterprise applications / packages (e.g. what agile means if you’re implementing a large, German ERP system)


Agile for the Enterprise is near and dear to my heart too :slight_smile:


Really comprehensive and fun deep dive into the state of the industry! Particularly enjoyed the discussions around the point that practically anything can be classed as a project that can be run agile, and am a big believer in the value agile can add if businesses as a whole adopt it as a philosophy on a BAU basis.