Referential Linking


Did you know you could use the Coalition as a source for your social media presence, a means to share your own Coalition content and also help our community grow by using referential linking? Beyond just sharing the URL in the browser, you can get credit for using the reference links in every post:

Once you click the link button you will see a new modal with sharing options, but you will see it appended with ?u=[your username]

Sharing this link accredits you for every user click - here is the current leader board:

Sharing in this method allows for great community insight, and it something we plan to report back monthly going forward. Get your name on the leader board!

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Hey no fair you all got a head start!!! :slight_smile:


Man It’s tough to be the King ! @chrismurman bring it one.


Solid strategic play here @ryan. Nothing like leveraging a little gamesmanship to drive promoting the Uprising.


Hi guys,

You might want to revisit this icon. I had no idea it was to share my posts with the outside world. Funnily enough for a dev, I didn’t think to just click it… There is something that isn’t quite right about that. Is there any easy way to ref other articles within a post or reply?


@ryan ?


@bradstokes are you referring to sharing content inside the Coalition in other areas of the Coalition, or externally share content from here?


To quote Grandpa Simpson, “A little from column A and a little from column B.”

The share button next to the heart at the bottom of posts was pretty non-obvious to me and for whatever reason didn’t peak my curiosity enough to actually click on it. Now I know what it does, I will be using it. I’m suggesting that maybe the icon might be a target for updating. I thought, for reasons I can’t explain and would be embarrassed about if I were to admit, that the chain button at the bottom of posts was to link that article to something else not to share it. I have no idea why, but that is what I thought.

As to the other, having a way to easily reference other posts in responses would be useful. I think, the only way I can do it atm is to open the other page, copy the link from the address bar (or press the link at the bottom of the relevant post now I know) and paste that url into the new post I’m writing. It all feels a little non-intuitive. If you are looking for a better behaviour, something like the way Wordpress handles the same thing might be useful. Click the link and either provide a URL or search for existing article.

I understand this may not be on the backlog or further down the list, but might be something to look at. Ease of sharing + making it obvious that something can be shared can only be a good thing. Also, would it be possible to add LinkedIn to the share list. This is a professional site and a way to create some action in one’s LinkedIn Profile certainly wouldn’t hurt people looking to attract the eyes of recruiters.

Thanks guys.


I really want to share directly to LinkedIn. I use the platform to keep in touch with colleagues and a couple of the things I have written here, I would like to post directly there.

It is a professional networking tool (and doesn’t hurt from a recruitment side of things).


Hey Brad, this is possible now both in the mobile and desktop experience (unless I am misunderstanding you). The UI may not be as intuitive as we want, but you just have to click the share icon:


Then copy the URL in the dialog:

You can get the URL from either the thread or the individual comment level.

I am going to try to see what tweaks I can make to the code to make the sharing more obvious, but honestly have not had the time at all.


Hi Ryan,

I’m going to apologise for being a pain in the ass. I am guilty of not communicating clearly here.

I haven’t prefaced my ‘request’ with an acknowledgement that these are only requests. Truthfully, I expected them to go on a backlog and maybe get picked up at in the future. I know they aren’t Must Have/Important/Urgent Items. I’m just throwing them into the mix

I understand that Agile Uprising is a passion project for members and that it is done as a donation of time. So if you are too busy, that is fair enough.

If I can help, I am quite happy to contribute. I’m a UI/UX Engineer (web developer or any other useless title you wish to give it) and am comfortable with Ember. I prefer Angular, but know how the whole thing works. I also understand if the site is hosted and stored on a private repository and therefore can’t contribute (so a ‘Thank you, no thank you’ will not offend in the least).

The LinkedIn request is more about quality of life and saving me a personal step (yes, I’m being lazy) and making it easier to share articles without having to leave the site. I absolutely understand this will involve adding an OAuth2 link to Linked In and this will not be a “simple” as it looks. There is probably an library for Ember, but yes this is bigger than it looks.

I really appreciate the site and the podcast. Anything I suggest is with gratefulness and humility. I am already sharing the site through the existing mechanisms, both at post and reply levels. I promise not to keep banging on this drum for worrying I’m going to drive you insane with inane requests.

To aid the communication side of things, let me “write” a couple of user stories for the ‘features’.

Card 1
AS A User
I WANT the share button to be a different button from the link button
SO THAT I don’t have work out which button is the one for sharing

The main issue here is the overloaded meaning of the “chain” icon for users. :link: generally is used in the context of inserting a link to another place. In fact we use it in the editor with AU. Such as:


The problem is that when you use the one icon for multiple purposes within the same context, cognitive load (friction) for the user is increased. I can see it here on the page I’m working on. As below:


Given that the site uses Font Awesome to display icons. It might be worth considering replacing the share icons with fa-share-alt image.

Existing share icons on the site are replaced with fa-share-alt or other appropriate share icon.

Card 2
As A User
I WANT to be able to share to LinkedIn directly (in addition to Facebook/Twitter)
SO THAT I don’t have to leave the site to add links to my LinkedIn Network

To be clear what I’m asing for is this:
Yes, forgive the look. I did this on the train with paint. (MVP ++)

I know this requires a few things. The link for the API from linked in is There is also the need for API keys and hitting an endpoint and other things. So this one isn’t the easiest

An extra button next to facebook share button for linked in
Similar functionality to the Facebook/Twitter links
The user doesn’t have to leave Agile Uprising site


Go for it, Brad! I would also like a image button.


Look what we have now…

05 PM

Thank you @Ryan_Lockard !

Note that the same graphic asset for the share icon (class=“fa fa-link d-icon d-icon-link”) is also used in the WYSIWYG editor’s tool bar for insert hyperlink… (class=“fa fa-link d-icon d-icon-link”)

43 PM

Just how the developers built discourse…

Shame they are not controlled independently…


They can be, it is all about the CSS selectors. @Ryan_Lockard has the fix. It will come.

I love the new button for the share. Thank you, Ryan.


Nice. Thanks for suggesting it, Brad.