Retrospectives in Distributed Teams - Requirements for a Tool


Kiryl-this blog post is fantastic! I already force the use of cameras and everyone attend remotely, but I never think to use a virtual whiteboard. I’ll try that out Monday!


Has anybody here tried funretro - Just throwing another into the mix I learned about yesterday.


Hello again,

I wanted to update thoughts on my previous post. At Instant Agenda we’ve released our retrospective meeting type, and are generally seeing good uptake. Currently we are doing a highly configurable, persistent retro board with both pre-built and create-your-own templates. I think our product meets or exceeds the capability of most of the retro tools on the market at this point. But…that’s not why I am posting here. We’d like to take it to the next level. What else can we add?

One of the things I’d like to add is a “team health” or “nico nico calendar”. Specific question: it would be cool to poll the team daily or every few days…but my intuition says the team would quickly tire of the constant polling? What is your experience with that?

What other team measures would you want to collect on a persistent basis? Configurable spider diagram to measure multiple dimensions of agility, like this post suggests:

What other things would you want to see in a tool for persistent, distributed retrospectives?

Thanks for the suggestions!



I have used with a distributed team of about 70 people.
Approx 80% provide daily input. They don’t tire, as it only takes a single click to provide input.

There are tons of other options to visualize Team Health… I’ll get giving a talk at Agile2018 on the topic.

Here’s a working list of tools out there, take are your “Competition” in one manner or another:

Team Health Handout.pdf (323.1 KB)

Not sure how you create a “Blue Ocean” product …



That’s a great resource, thanks! I’ve looked at that Spotify model a few times before, but reading it again, it says that they found checking “every month” was too much. Granted, they are looking at several aspects, not just mood. But - it does give me pause about rigging up something that sends out a poll every day.

I suppose I could let the SM/Coach configure the frequency of polling.


We just tried RemoteRetro this week and I really liked it as a facilitator. Anonymous idea generation, onscreen guidance for each step of the retro, anyone can create action items. It keeps all the raw data for each retro so you can go back and read all the ideas. The only thing missing was the lack of grouping after idea generation (which actually made the retro richer for us, grouping sometimes loses context of each idea), and it seems to only have two formats available (happy/sad/confused and start/stop/continue). For free, it was quite a good experience for my full distributed team.


@cconnor Sounds promising! I did not look into tools for retrospectives for a long while. Probably it is a good time to give it a new try. Thanks!