TDD and Mob Programming for non programmers!


Last night Amatai, Dave Prior, Rachel Gertz, and Myself did a mob programming session using Test driven development live on twitch tv. Dave and Rachel have never programmed before. We taught the concepts and actually finished the program!

more streams will be at so follow and turn on notifications when we go live to join in the live chat.


This was fun! Thanks @troy for bringing us together. I’m eager to hear what folks take away from watching it.


Thanks for teaching this and facilitating!


This was fun to watch. Gave me insights for how I can get product owners engaged more with understanding their teams and how to write acceptance criteria :slight_smile:


Here’s Dave Prior’s writeup.


So glad you folks did that session. I’ve shared it a number of times, especially when I hear “well, I’m not a programmer so I don’t have to mob with the guys”. Rubbish, I say!


thanks Craig! Appreciate it.


Wow the views are starting to climb on this thing nice! Might do another twitch stream very soon.


Thanks for the session. It was good to see it in action as I try to show my organization new ways to break down knowledge/skill silos.