Value Stream Container (VSC)


I published a post on my blog about about a practice for organizing teams to deliver value in an organized fashion while maintaining empathy, rapport, trust, safety, and ownership.I belive that empathy, rapport, trust, safety, and ownership are foundational to any attempt to scale agility. I would love to hear your thoughts. Big Thank You to @andycleff for pair authoring the Post.
Value Stream Container


Hey James really dig this post and curious to see if you have more thoughts on this topic.


I do Troy. I am in the process of putting together a series of post that will go in to more detail.

  • Goal Theory
  • Building trust and Rapport
  • Pictures of how a VSC looks
  • Moving away from Projects and Products and focus on business opportunities
  • Talking about and Opportunity owner what that role looks like at scale
  • Validations and experimentation in the VSC using experiment, OKRs, Business Outcomes, Build measure learn cycles
  • Customer Journey’s

And a bunch more ideas around it. Alot of this not a super new concepts but ones that can be Forked (GIT ref) and refactored to new cohesive ideas and practices.

As much as I love Lean and Agile it may be time to become more Leagile and make the push to more Metaframework oriented thought patterns. Between Lean and Agile today there is a smorgasbord of practice that solve different challenges

I want to find ways for teams to come to work and it feel like Cheers or Silicon Valley and its not an us vs them world. Might be to ambitions for the fortune 500, but I would rather fail and learn than not try at all.

Feedback is always welcome positive or negative!

I may be totally insane but that where my head is at !


Nice article, but no mention of Enterprise Scrum :slight_smile: Enterprise Scrum is 10% of the market – LeSS 4%, DAD is about 3%, Nexus is not even 1%.

Enterprise Scrum, is also a “genericity” framework – you can use it to do Scrum for other domains, not only scaling.

Here is an intro to Enterprise Scrum:


SAFe 4.0 has the value stream level (above program and below portfolio) and is used for very large and complex solutions that typically require many ARTs. What you describe in your article is counter to the concept in SAFe 4.0. Each ART is between 50 and 125 people. Therefore, you could have realistically have many hundreds of people supporting that complex solution that requires integration (e.g., the F-22…huge complicated solution with hundreds or thousands of people working on it).


And…even with 3 level SAFe, a value stream may require multiple ARTs to deliver.


So…Dunbar’s # applies to ARTs in SAFe, but not the value stream.


Thanks Andy… I have not had time to look at SAFe4.0 yet. I could see how building Jet could be that complex.

I also know I can build a monster truck with 4 guys basic scrum, some TPS, and kanban for supply chain management and deliver it in a month.