Virtual Working / Distributed Teams: Is WFH the new Normal?


So… events being canceled. Travel curtailed. Time to crank up the virtual not distant knob…

Many here have been doing “remote” for some time - like @mkilby

We’ve got some posts already:

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Podcast Episodes


And what else?


For y’all SAFeies…





Thank you for sharing things you all are reading around the WFH topic. I think WFH is going to be big for at least the next couple of months and who knows beyond that. Definitely a world shift due to what’s happening. Then again if this goes away the world tends to forget till the next time it happens. I hope everyone is staying safe and learning a lot of new ways to WFH!



Lena Ross and I put together this last weekend:

A tool to nudge our mindsets. To encourage us to pause and think about what we’ve accomplished, how we perceive the world around us, and what we have the potential to achieve. These prompts are more than just conversation starters - they are mindfulness hacks.


Cool @andycleff! Thank you sharing the mindfulness hacks! :slight_smile:


Not completely related but sorta so gonna ask folks here. What are you and/or your teams using for a virtual chat application during these wonderful times. For example are you using slack, etc. etc. Just curious what everyone is using and what your opinion is.

I had to use google chat as an org today due to another tool being down and that was not the most pleasant of experiences.



We had Sococo going, but stopped due to having to shave expensess


We use Skype and Webex. Webex is garbage, but I’m not sure if it’s how our enterprise set it up. Zoom is working infinitely better.


We have webex as well…and I concur it is complete and utter garbage so I don’t think it’s just your enterprise @JayH. We started using Google Meet (or Hangout or whatever it’s call) for our video calls and that works great. General Google Chat is all that sucks.

Zoom is effectively banned in our org I think.

Thank you both for sharing. :+1: