Change Agent: Intake Survey


I’m developing a new team / new client survey / intake / evaluation.

Looking for feedback…

Step 1: For the following areas of inquiry, list:

  • What is going well? (Indicate with “+")
  • What are some opportunities for change? (Indicate with “!")
  1. Process Health: Day-to-day team activities and process
  2. Release / Delivery: Ability to achieve continuous delivery
  3. Product Development: Alignment of product features to user needs
  4. Technical / Code: Quality of implementation and architecture
  5. People/Teams: Health and well-being, resilience, pace and engagement

Step 2: Indicate if the change candidate (“!”) is likely:

  1. kaizen (改善): a small incremental change; improvement
  2. kaikakyu (改革): a step change to the current situation; reform
  3. kakushin (革 新): a complete departure from the current situation; transformation and renewal; innovation

Lean Agile Coaching Intake Evaluation.pdf (128.2 KB)


@andycleff - This is good stuff… I particularly like the 5-dimensions. As a thought-exercise and/or coaching opportunity using this framework, what would it look like to go through these using a Fishbone diagram?

I do wonder however if the Japanese terms are a bit too specialized language-y. For outsiders or agile noobs, I’d worry that this might be off-putting.

If you’re not aware of Mike Burrow’s (of Kanban from the Inside fame) Agendashift, it’s worth a look from a change-agency perspective.


I’ve been letting this one mull around my brain.

Step one makes sense and I get.

I found the second step a little confusing as to the action I was supposed to take. I got it, but it took me multiple attempts to understand it. I’m not sure if it was the Kanji. I did find it jarring.

It might flow better with guidance and facilitation, but it may indicate the need for a slight bit of rework.

Thank you for sharing.


Thanks for the input everyone.

Here’s a next iteration.

Step 3: Experiment Design
(i.e. hire the coach!)
Which could include things like:

  • 5-whys
  • Hypotheses
  • Capabilities needed
  • Metrics ecosystem for feedback loops

M3.0 Feedback loops:


That is much clearer